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Lisa came home from work, sighing as she let her purse fall to the floor. She walked down the hallway, clacking her high heels on the floor, and stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself.

Lisa was a gorgeous woman for 40 years. She stared at the lovely features of her face, perfectly framed by her long, flowing, and flame-red hair. It curled down below her chin on her protrusive chest, namely on her enormous plump breasts, each of which jutted out a foot in front of her, causing a deep cleavage to be seen whenever she wore a tank top. They hung in the air defying gravity with their immense weight, right above her trim waist. Lisa cocked her head sideways, rubbing her flat stomach, noticing how it had receded to normal size after her last big meal (although her breasts had done quite the opposite). She then stared at her shapely hips, which curved out from her thin waist down to her long, slender legs.

Lisa walked up to her room, slipped out of her clothes, and ran a hot bath, looking at herself in the mirror again. She noticed how her breasts had grown from her last meal, and weighed them in her hands. As she got into the bath, she felt her stomach growl. She knew what this meant- it was time for a meal again. She would have to call her mother and ask her to bring a boy or girl over from the family farm.

Suddenly, Lisa's stomach growled louder. She started to get concerned- this was a louder growl and a harder craving than ever before. As she got out of the bath and wrapped a towel around her sexy body, she heard the door slam downstairs, signaling that her son David was home from school. Thinking of him made her stomach growl even louder… This caused a naughty thought to slip into Lisa's mind.

Lisa walked downstairs in just a towel. David was setting down his books on the kitchen table as he heard his mother come down behind him. He turned around to say something, but quickly shut his eyes, yelling "Mom! Put some clothes on!"

Lisa giggled and said, "David, honey, it's okay. I'm your mother, it's fine."

David opened one eye, then the other. "Mom, why would you come down naked?"

"Well, I'm not exactly naked," said Lisa. "Unless you want me to be!" Here she winked at David and dropped her towel.

David's jaw fell to the floor at the sight of his mother's enormous jugs. All he could do was stand there as she walked up to him sexily and shoved his face in her boobs, almost suffocating him with their massiveness.

"Oh, mommy…" was all David could moan as his head was nearly crushed by his mother's gigantic breasts.

"Shhhhh…" cooed Lisa, kissing David's forehead, and licking her lips at the taste. She proceeded to lift David up, who looked at her surprised.

"Uhhh… Mom, what are you doing?" Dave asked, which were his last words as Lisa promptly shoved his head down her throat. She gulped powerfully, ignoring her son's screams as he kicked and shoved against her. Unfortunately for him, his hands just buried themselves in his mother's soft tits, and were soon pinned to his side as Lisa swallowed more and more of David down her esophagus. She got down to his waist, licking him all over and gulped a couple more times, then sat down in a chair, leaned back and pushed his legs into her mouth, smacking her lips and patting her bloated stomach.

Standing up, she looked in the mirror at her now extremely pregnant looking belly, and rubbed it with both hands, caressing it and holding it close to her, ignoring David's screams. "Well, baby, how does it feel to be inside Mommy again? Don't worry, don't scream, you'll be part of Mommy soon. You'll be part of her big, sexy breasts that she used to seduce you and other men that she ate." She giggled and went to the fridge to grab a beer.

About an hour later, the door opened up and two teenage girls walked in, pushing and shoving each other. They were Lisa's twin daughters, Anna and Mary. They were teenage girls in their prime, who had inherited their mother's enormous breasts (although they were not yet quite so developed, only about D cups).  Anna called upstairs, "Mom, where are you?"

"Right here, girls," they heard from behind them, and turned around to see their pot-bellied mother standing right behind them ready to pounce. Mary was about to scream as Lisa jumped on her, pinning her down with her belly and grabbing Anna and shoving her in her mouth. Anna kicked and screamed, and Mary yelled in horror as she watched her mother devour her sister. As Lisa gulped, her enormous belly grew even bigger with the new meat she was devouring and gurgled affectionately, enjoying it's meal. It grew larger and larger by the minute until it contained both Anna and David. Lisa stood up, losing her balance for a few quick seconds as her body adjusted to the newly added weight. She looked at the horrified Mary and grinned evilly, then leaned down and started slurping up her daughter's legs. Mary kicked and screamed, but to no avail. Lisa was swallowing fast. She swallowed up to her waist, and gulped harder bringing her daughters breasts to her face. She bit down on them, enjoying the marshmallow-like taste as she swallowed harder and watched her daughter's horrified face disappear into her maw and down her throat into her now titanic belly. Lisa giggled and sat down in the chair, resting her huge round stomach on the floor. She grabbed a bottle of lotion and absentmindedly rubbed it all over her belly, moaning sexually as she felt her children struggle in her huge gut and begin to digest, becoming part of her huge breasts and making them grow larger and larger. Her last thought before she fell asleep was, "I'm going to need a few new bras."
yo peeps, this is dveltmands. making a tiny comeback. lawl.

tell me what ya think, cuz this literally took me half an hour to write. thanks to lexy for letting me use her account :D

enjoy, comment, rate.
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Shadow43Fox Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2011
I hope to see more stories soon.
Shadow43Fox Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2011
Awesome story. Liked reading it.
Runner05 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011
To Lexy: I liked it, it was really good. Gives me a couple of ideas to do with you Lexy ;)

To dveltmands: Really good work devltmands, looking forward to reading more if you ever write anything else
Crab-master Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010
oh awesome, are you going to re upload your old work?
thevoreking Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010
I hope he writes more! :D
vorelover60 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010
we will be working on some new stories so keep watch and see what happens.
thevoreking Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010
Crab-master Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010
I second that yay.

but will you be uploading your old stories?

can you at least put them in a rapidshare?
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